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Our history

The Roundtable was born out of the National Housing Collaborative (the Collaborative), a time-limited initiative to influence the development of Canada's National Housing Strategy.

The Collaborative was an alliance of partners representing the range of the housing spectrum and charitable organizations. These partners came together to develop policy solutions that had support from across the housing system, were backed by evidence, and pushed beyond the status quo to address Canada's pressing housing affordability challenges. 

Following the adoption of three out of the Collaborative's four policy proposals in the National Housing Strategy, the Roundtable was formed to develop solutions to continue the work of multi-sectoral housing policy development. 


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September 2019 

National Housing Collaborative: Reflections and analysis of a process

This report presents a first-hand account of the Collaborative experience and lessons learned, as understood by the people who witnessed its impact on the National Housing Strategy policy development process, and resulting policy outcomes. Essential reading for anyone trying to influence policy through system-level collaboration.

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October 2016

A new housing affordability agenda for Canada: Submission to the National Housing Strategy

This paper offers four policy proposals to make the vision of housing affordability a reality for all Canadians: 1) Adopt a national goal and launch a pan-Canadian initiative to end homelessness; 2) Develop a national housing benefit that provides direct financial assistance to renters; 3) Increase and maintain supply of market and non-market rental housing through innovative capital tools; and 4) Provide leadership and resources for social housing sector transformation. 

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