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We are a cross-sectoral group of housing thinkers committed to the development of shared solutions to strengthen Canada’s housing system.

3 Proposals essential to a strong

COVID-19 response

COVID-19 has put new pressures on residents of Canada, and on their housing system. More than ever, it is important to invest rapidly and wisely on effective policy responses to ensure housing stability and affordability through the crisis, and emerge stronger on the other end.

The Roundtable, along with local-to-national partners from across Canada, are proposing three immediate and actionable solutions, to urgently strengthen key areas of housing system where the pandemic is hurting the most vulnerable:


An acquisition program to preserve affordable rental 

To slow and offset the rapid loss of existing private rental stock that is affordable, this brief advocates for the creation of a federal acquisition program that would target purpose built rental.


Developing a COVID-19 rental arrears response

This brief recommends targeted interventions to assist the many tenants living in high rent areas who have experienced a loss of income and are facing rent arrears they are unable to pay. 


Empowering greater collaboration to reduce homelessness through Housing First policies

This brief proposes three areas where improvements will result in the greatest returns and achieve speedier, more tangible and sustainable outcomes to address homelessness.


*Not all those who support the Roundtable support all three policy proposals. Click "Learn More" and see end notes for each proposal for details. 


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